UNINETT IPv4 Multicast Beacon

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Current stats for (SSM:

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↓ Sources \ Recipients →2345678910111213141516 171820212223
grimstad-mp2 1167854107988886281279107
tromso-mp39 891078101398888638109111211
oslo-mp468 6745976777754796896
kunnskapsv-mp5796 856108788886581079107
drammen-mp681078 679789999769108696
feide-mp757456 4865666647683585
kristiansand-mp84105674 9687777587116896
stord-mp91010910989 68979959981012118
haugesund-mp10713787666 1112101212810121181096
suricata2117767856811 66114111679109
levanger-mp12810789679128 577512798101110
steinkjer-mp13887896771065 773137781098
sis147767856811166 04141679109
teknobyen-mp1577678568111660 4151679109
↓ Sources \ Recipients →2345678910111213141516 171820212223
blaasal-mp1655456345834344 16465786
kolla-mp17776785681116611417 679109
volda-mp18121091010811811697775187 10121210
halden-mp20796783610878888620810 5107
fredrikstad-mp2191189658121091010101082110125 129
elverum-mp22101491098911910119997229121012 4

Matrix cell colors: Full connectivity (ASM and SSM)X ASM onlyX SSM onlyX Loss > 15%X Loss > 45%X

Beacons that report no received sources [?]

AgeSource AddressAdmin Contact L/MSSM P
lillehammer-mp1 38d 2h 52m128.39.109.92oak@uninett.no M
grimstad-mp2 38d 2h 52m128.39.145.244oak@uninett.no M
tromso-mp3 38d 2h 52m129.242.2.140oak@uninett.no M
oslo-mp4 38d 2h 52m158.36.184.148oak@uninett.no M
kunnskapsv-mp5 38d 2h 53m158.36.244.20oak@uninett.no M
drammen-mp6 38d 2h 52m158.36.71.42oak@uninett.no M
feide-mp7 38d 2h 53m158.36.8.40oak@uninett.no M
kristiansand-mp8 38d 2h 53m158.36.87.8oak@uninett.no M
stord-mp9 38d 2h 51m158.37.25.7oak@uninett.no M
haugesund-mp10 38d 2h 52m158.37.35.6oak@uninett.no M
suricata211 42d 12h 30m158.38.100.13oak@uninett.no M
levanger-mp12 38d 2h 53m158.38.131.112oak@uninett.no M
steinkjer-mp13 38d 2h 52m158.38.131.250oak@uninett.no M
sis14 60d 6h 8m158.38.2.233nav-drift@uninett.no- 
teknobyen-mp15 38d 2h 53m158.38.2.4oak@uninett.no M
blaasal-mp16 38d 2h 51m158.38.5.102oak@uninett.no M
kolla-mp17 10d 53m158.38.63.62oak@uninett.no M
volda-mp18 38d 2h 53m158.38.75.198oak@uninett.no M
molde-mp19 38d 2h 52m158.38.95.121oak@uninett.no M
halden-mp20 38d 2h 52m158.39.160.27oak@uninett.no M
fredrikstad-mp21 38d 2h 53m158.39.176.11oak@uninett.no M
elverum-mp22 38d 2h 53m158.39.251.62oak@uninett.no M
hamar-mp23 38d 2h 52m158.39.252.216oak@uninett.no M

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